HOCHEY Oxygen Concentrator ZY-10FW

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Size: 305x308x680(mm)
Oxygen Purity: 93%±3% (0.5L-10L)
Sound Level: ≤42db
Power: 220V/110V
Capacity: 550VA
Oxygen Flow: Can Be Adjusted(1-10L)
LED screen: 10 inches

Power off alarm: red light on, continuous ” drip” sound, alarm sound,no display screen, the whole machine stopped running. Close After the power switch, the alarm sound is eliminated and the power supply is restored to normal operation.
Compressor fault alarm: red light on, continuous “drip” sound, alarm sound, display screen display “E1”, the whole machine stopped Function.
Low flow alarm: When the outlet flow is less than 0.5L/ min, the machine red light flickers, and the display screen shows “E2”, approximately. Shut down after 5 seconds.
Low oxygen concentration alarm: oxygen generator with oxygen concentration less than 50%(+3%) stopped working, red light flashed and accompanied by continuous failure.
The alarm sound and the display screen are displayed as “E3”, and the whole machine stops running. When oxygen concentration is more than 82%,I/O indicator lamp (green).
The light is on and the machine is working properly. When 50%(+3%) is less than 82% of oxygen concentration, the yellow light of “indicator” is on.

Dimensions 30.8 × 30.5 × 68 cm


Lead Time

15 days