Medical Ventilator PA-700b Model

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Common Features

Operating Modes: Pneumatically driven & electronically controlled, closed, semi-closed and semi-open
Pneumatically driven electrically controlled ventilator, can be used for emergency clinical resuscitation and respiratory therapy
Nonhazardous environmentally friendly frame, precise construction, elegant design, equipped with automated self-checking function during startup and an automatic self-calibrating sensor
Display: Built-in 10.4 inch high visibility color TFT display, able-simultaneously display Pressure-Time and Frequency-Time waveforms in real time
Sigh: Ability to insert 1-8 sigh breaths in every 100 breaths, ventilation should be no less than 1.5 the tidal volume
Equipped with infrared turbine flow sensor; precisely measures gas flows, stable and reliable
Power Failure Support Functions: Automatically converts-standby mode during AC power outages
9 Level adjustable humidifier
Monitor Parameters: tidal volume, respiration rate, airway pressure, I:E ratio, inspiratory & expiratory status, inspiratory trigger and others
Alarms: Audible and/or visual alarms for ventilation volume, tidal volume, oxygen concentration, asphyxia, airway pressure, intubation disconnection, low oxygen, power failure and other alarms, also features a alarm history query function

Advanced Model Exclusive Features
Equipped with professional medical grade air compressor tailored for long clinical times and low noise requirements

Air Compressor
Air Compressor: 220V AC±10%, 50±1Hz, 700VA, also features good protective grounding against electrical activity
Output Gas Pressure: 0.4MPa±20%
Continuous output gas flow greater than or equal to 20L/min
Instantaneous output gas flow great than equal to 60L/min



Model 700B (Standard Model) 700B (Advanced Model)
Display 10.4 inch high visibility color TFT display
Ventilation Mode A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, Standby, SPONT MANUAL
Minute Volume Greater than or equal to 18L
Back-up Power Supply At least 4 hours
Tidal Volume Adjustable range: 50-1500ml, Display range: 0-2000ml
Respiratory Rate 1-99bpm
Inspiratory/expiratory (I:E) Ratio 4:1-1:4
PEEP 0-10cmH2O
SIMV Rate 1-20bpm
Inspiratory Pressure Trigger .-10-10cmH2O
Inspiratory Plateau Adjustable from 0-50% of inspiratory time
Adjustable Oxygen Concentration 45-100% 21-100%
Gas Supply Requirement 280~600 kPa medical grade oxygen and compressed air supply
Pressure Limit 1.0kPa~6.0kPa
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure ≤6.0kPa
Tidal Volume Alarm Upper Limit: 10~2000ml, Lower Limit: 0~1800ml
Airway Pressure Alarm Upper Limit: 0.1~6kPa, Lower Limit: 0~5kPa
Oxygen Concentration Alarm Upper Limit: 22~100%, Lower Limit: 21~80%

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