Blue Cedar Hand Sanitizer

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Product Information

Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 75±5%(v/v)

Purpose: Hand disinfection

Net capacity:

2mL / 59mL / 200mL / 237mL / 500mL / 1000mL / 1 Gallon(capacity can be customized)

Expiration date: 2 years

Product origin: China

ØActive ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 75±5%(v/v)

ØKills 99.99% common germs that may cause illness.

ØAntibacterial Hand Sanitizer Can Dry Out Your Hands Quickly, Our Hand Sanitizer Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to Help Keep Your Hands Soft & Smooth

ØHand sanitizer pump makes cleaning hands easy, whether in the car, at work, or on-the-go outdoors

Formulated based on true user experiences and feedbacks of frontline medical staff in more than 30 hospitals and medical institutions across China, continuously upgraded and perfected during the past 5 years by our research scientists and engineers.

1.Bio-Derived Ingredients: Safer and More Sustainable

renewable biological sources  (from corn),methanol content ≤150 mg/L

2.Skin-moisturizing Factors: Powerful yet Inert for Disinfection

a protecting film on the skin surface after alcohol evaporation, locking water molecules in place and functioning as lubricating agents for the skin

3.Minimal Solid Residue: A Refreshing Feel

no solid particles are produced or stickiness felt after repeated use.

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500ml, 200ml, 59ml



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