Saliva SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV)Antigen Test Kit (Nanocarbon Assay)

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The saliva novel coronavirus antigen detection kit independently developed by JIAXING WISETEST BIO-TECH CO., LTD. is used for people who have symptoms in the early stage of infection (window period). Highly sensitive, convenient saliva collection,15 minutes on-site results. The tested person can operate and interpret by himself, which is convenient and quick. There is no need for sample collection, storage, transportation, and testing equipment.

1. Use a clean and dry disposable plastic cup to collect at least 2ML of fresh saliva

2. Insert the absorb head vertically into the cup. The absorb head is required to be immersed in saliva for about 2 minutes. The saliva will be soaked into the test kit during the period. When the saliva liquid appears in the observation window, take out the test kit from the cup.

3. Close the test kit cap and place it on a clean and flat table. From now on, start to wait for15 minutes and then read the result. Please be noted that the test result will be invalid after 30minutes since you take the test kit out from the cup.

1.Sealed Pouches*(pcs)
2.Test Device
3.Drying Agent
*1T/Box,3T/Box,5T/Box,20T/Box are available



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