Obstetric Delivery Bed Electric Bed Labour Table

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  • Warranty:1 Year
  • After-sale Service:Online technical support
  • Model Number:LK/DS
  • Wheel diameter:150mm
  • Split guardrail:Yes
  • Brake system:Yes
  • Built-in battery:Yes
  • Lead Time:Quantity(Pieces)1 – 10>10Est. Time(days)15To be negotiated

Product Description
The integrated obstetric and sick table can easilyrealize the integration of pre-delivery to delivery andpost-partum recovery. It is suitable for various deliverypositions such as supine, sitting, lateral, and squattingpositions.The whole process is safe and reliable.
01. With stable operating speed and accurate positioning, the table has reliable performance and is durable02. ABS detachable head board has an automatic locking unit to faclitate disassembly for first-aid,special care and safe movement of patients03. The table has an ant-collision function and the anti-collision corner protectors are made of die-cast metal and equipped with anti-colli-sion wheels, which are sturdy and durable and can be replaced independently04. The guardrails are formed by a polyurethane foaming mold at one time and can be completely stored under the table board after lowering. The upper part of the guardrall is a shape easy to be gripped, therefore it can be used as a support when the patient standsup


05. lt is equipped with leg rests, obstetrical handles, and other accessories to bring comprehensive functions and convenient operations;

06. The central controlled silent casters are stable and safe and easy to operate to facilitate movement or
07. There is a V-shaped incision at the joint between the main mattress and the foot mattress and the foot
mattress can be folded. For the mattress, the cover has a waterproof design and the filling is decompression foam, which is waterproof, soft, corrosion-resistant, deodorant and easy to clean;
08. The operating table is equipped with a built-in battery to ensure normal use of the device in case of a power failure.
Specification Sheet
Product Name
Hospital Birthing Bed
Hospital Birthing Bed Table length
Hospital Birthing Bed Table width
Hospital Birthing Bed Height of table top
600Mm – 920mm
Hospital Birthing Bed Table top lifting distance
Hospital Birthing Bed Guard bar lifting distance
Hospital Birthing Bed Forward tilting angle of table top
Hospital Birthing Bed Backward tilting angle of table top
Hospital Birthing Bed Turning angle of back board
Upward turning ≥50± 5°
Hospital Birthing Bed  Outward extending angle of leg
Hospital Birthing Bed Upward turning angle of leg board
Hospital Birthing Bed Net weight of table
Hospital Birthing Bed Rated load-bearing
Hospital Birthing Bed Noise at operating
Hospital Birthing Bed Mains voltage
Hospital Birthing Bed Input power
Hospital Birthing Bed Frequency
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