Optical Plasma Cluster Air Sterilizer S-360 Classic

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*Optical Plasma Cluster Technology — High-efficiency Sterilization
With UVC185nm and 254nm UV light to beam the air, produce the optical plasma cluster, Oxidize and decompose the spores of bacteria, viruses, and molds. The sterilization efficiency of high energy light plasma is 500-1000 times that of traditional technology.
*VOC Removal — Long term purification of new housing environment.
The release cycle of formaldehyde in the room is almost 10 years, which is a serious threat to human health. The technology of Optical Plasma Cluster is the superstar of formaldehyde toluene, which can decompose strongly for a long time and purify the indoor air.
*How it works.
It is the gas containing ions and free electrons produced by the nano light tube. The oxygen molecules and water molecules of air are irradiated by the nano light tube of special wavelength and decomposed into plasma airflow with high oxidation. It has the ability to destroy organic molecules. After leaving the sterilizer, it can continue to attack the harmful substances encountered, and can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogenic microorganisms. Second, kill the droplets with bacteria and viruses and aerosol and purify the formaldehyde and toluene for a long time.
→Bacteria, viruses, and molds removal.
→Formaldehyde and toluene removal.
→PM2.5 removal.
→Low noise.
→Millions ion.
Body Features
Frame Material ABS plastic
Product Net weight 3.2kg
Cover Area 20-40㎡
Power 60W
Voltage 220V-50Hz
Noise 26dB
Ion Yes
Product Size 525mm*335mm*190mm
Timer Setting Yes

CE, ISO9001, RoHS

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