Medical Radiofrequency RF lesion generator for nerve rhizotomy used in Neurosurgery

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Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:BNS

Model Number:RFE2-A

Instrument classification:Class II

Warranty:1 Year

After-sale Service:Online technical support


Certificate:CE ISO

Thermal RF Mode:Standard, Step

Pulsed RF Mode:3

Disposable RF Cannula:1

TC Electrode Monopolar Cable:2.5

Autoclave Plastic Sterilization Box:1

Neutral Plate Connecting Cable:3

TC Straight Electrode:1

Disposable Patient Neutral Plate:5


The RFE2-A is a universal device for all common neurosurgical and orthopaedic coagulation techniques and meets the most exacting requirements in terms of safety, precision and comfort of use. A large variety of instruments and devices are adaptable to the RFE2-A.


RFE2-A Features


l Continus RF in different modes: Temperature, Performance, Preset Temperature-Profile

l Pulsed RF in different modes: Temperature, Voltage, RF-Duration

l Direct Nerve Stimulation for the localisation of motor and sensor nerves

l Continus Impedance-measurement

l Continus Temperature-measurement

l Remote control

l Digital display of all relevant application-parameters

l Graphic display of temperature-gradient

l Touchscreen Display


RFE2 Series Radiofrequency lesion generator with CE


Safety reliability effectivity

Varied electrode application modes to make different coagulation shape

Stimulation and impedance monitor,

Thermal RF Mode:standard,step

Pulsed RF Mode:voltage control,temperrature control,width control

Automatical intelligent control technology

Friendly user interface,easy to operate

Full digital with TFT LCD touch screen Compact and easy to move with handle

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