Medical Dental Instrument Cleaning Machine

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Medical Instrument Washer With Disinfect and Dry Function
1.Power supply:220V 50Hz;Rated power:≤1760W
2.Rated external water pressure: 0.04-1.00MPa. Supporting cold/hot water;
3.Internal flow pressure:0.3-0.4MPa;
4. Collocating intelligent water softener:Adding special salt can improve water quality and enhance cleaning effect;
5.Safety device:Automatic fault diagnosis (prompt) and emergency shutdown;
6.Water inlet filter:Porosity 96%;The filter speed:20-85m/h
7.Lumen volume:160L;
8.Dry method: hot wind dry
9.Dimension-Main Unit:590*570*830(L*W*H mm);
10. Packing size:680*680*930(L*W*H mm);
11.Net weight:≤44.5kg;
12.Working Noise:≤50dB

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JG-333-160DX-A, JG-333-160DX-D, JG-333-160DX-P