CM-350A Electrosurgical Unit

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■Remote fault diagnosis function.
■Full-function power automatic compensation.
■Automatic monitoring function and mistake indication function.
■High definition large LED indication, with audio & visual indication.
■The standard endoscopic interface complies with any brand endoscopies.
■Power-off protection circuit, which remembers the last time output setting value.
■The auto bipolar function has a 100Q automatic stop function and does not adhere.
■Can connect with two independent hand switches for simultaneous operation by two doctors.
■Underwater cut function, suitable for use with argon system, endoscope, ureteroscope, etc including an organic cut in the rich fat area.
■Nine working modes, Monopolar output controlled by a hand switch or footswitch; bipolar output controlled by a footswitch.
■The Independent output interface ensured that only the opened interface can give output, another closed interface has no output, which is safer.
■With a high-performance neutral electrode contact inspection system, the system will test and evaluate the effective contact area between electrode and derma, if the contact area was found low to a danger level, the system will automatically cut out and gives an alarm indication.
■Optional hand switch controlled power output (increase or decrease) function.