Adult / Pediatric Anesthesia Ventilator Machine

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•  7″ color LCD screen, different parameters distinguished by colors for easy recognition
• Novel designed ventilator pneumatic system decreases the consumption of Oxygen
• Built-in NO WATER VAPOR CONDENSATION sampling device ensures ZERO maintenance
• Fast-release function by APL valve improve the efficiency of resuscitation after surgery
• Advanced one button switch of manual / auto provides convenient pneumatic / auto controlling interchanges • Optional AGSS device for more protection
• With CE certificate
Technical Specification
Tidal Volume:
• Ventilation Frequency: 4~100bpm
• I:E Ratio: 4:1~1:8
• PEEP: 0~20 cmH2O
• Inspiratory Plateau: Off, 5%~60%Ti
Monitoring Display: Display: 7″ color wide LCD screen
Pressure: Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP Volumes: MV, Vt
Breath rate
Gas: FiO2
Graph display: P-t, F-t waveforms
Ventilator Specification
• Ventilation Modes: Adult, pediatric
IPPV, Manual;
optional: SIPPV, SIMV, SPONT
Setting: Touch key

 Adult / Pediatric Anesthesia ventilator machineAdult / Pediatric Anesthesia ventilator machine

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