20K 2000W digital generator set

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Main technical parameters
1. External dimensions: length 340mm x width 210mm x height 94mm
2. Net weight of the main machine: 4Kg
3. Output power: 0-2600w
4. Output voltage: 0-3000vac
5, working environment temperature: – 20 ℃ to + 65 ℃
6. Sinusoidal harmonic parameters: less than or equal to 0.2%
7. Input power factor: 75%
8, working frequency: 15 kHz / 20 kHz / 28 kHz / 30 kHz / 35 kHz / 40 kHz
9. Working power supply: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
10. Mold frequency range: 400Hz (according to 15KHz ultrasonic wave as an example, mold frequency 14.40-15.20khz can be automatically used for frequency tracking.)
11. Automatic frequency chasing accuracy: 0.1hz
12. Power repetition consistency: 97%
13. Dynamic response time of remote terminal: 30ms
14. 485 communication, supporting standard MODBUS RTU protocol

Installation requirements
Environmental requirements
The use/storage/transportation of the equipment must meet the following environmental requirements:
Table 4.1 plastic welding machine environmental requirements list

Environmental factors Comfortable with van
Operating/operating temperature -20℃to+65℃
Storage/transportation temperature -20℃to+75℃
Relative humidity 30%to95%,no condensation

Power input range
The power plug must be inserted into the single-phase three-eye socket with a grounding terminal. The applicable power range of the plastic welding machine is 220VAC + 10% @ 50/60hz.
The input voltage of the generator is 220VAC. To use 110VAC, please contact relevant service personnel for guidance and support.
Do not use 110VAC as the input power without consulting, or it may cause serious damage to the equipment!
System of attachment
The system requires the user to provide a single-phase input power supply with a grounding terminal, a voltage of 220vac@50/60hz, and a load current of not less than 10A. Make sure that the socket of the power supply matches the random power plug, and then insert the power plug of the machine into the socket. Be sure to check and confirm that the voltage is 220VAC before inserting the power plug, and the power switch on the left side of the power box is closed!


Working Principle

Vibrate, Normal vibration